Today, WooCommerce platform is rapidly evolving, with hundreds and thousands of plugins releasing every year to increase sales and improve user engagement on the websites. Most of the online businesses, SMEs, and enterprises always require individual efforts to promote your brand influence to the most refined edge.

The sole essence of online businesses that arise in our mindset is that wholesale businesses need to get a push to drive an enormous amount of visitors to their site. At the same time, there are millions of products sold regularly. Any WooCommerce Wholesale site should have an effective method for selling items or products.

In this scenario, the bulk order form for WooCommerce plays a vital role in generating sales and selling products in larger quantities.

What is the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce?


Key Features of Bulk Order Form For WooCommerce:

  • Drag & Drop Product Table Builder – This feature enables users to drag & drop columns into the dotted box. The only column tags are edited, placed in the dotted area, and visible on the front-end section.
  • All Products in One Table –  It helps users to display your WooCommerce shop all the products with the desired fields in a single layout easily.
  • Fully Responsive Design View – The tables are fully responsive; they instantly trigger to adjust various screen sizes.
  • Multiple Options of Pagination – This option enables users to display the product table’s pagination option when you have multiple pages.
  • Column Customization – Shows extra columns consisting of weight, dimensions, stock, tags, SKU, and many more.
  • Complete Product Data Control –    This shows a list of specific products based on their status, category, status, tag, tailor-made terms, custom field value, or date (The date is categorized by day, week, or month)
  • Add to Cart Button –   It allows customers to insert items into their cart instantly.
  • Implement Multiple or Bulk Quantities to Cart – You can view or hide the quantity picker that enables customers to select a quantity in the product table directly.


Bulk Order Form to receive bulk orders per week or monthly basis. This plugin is a simple, resource-oriented WooCommerce extension that creates tables easily set up and modified. Here are some of the feature that shows the usage of the extension:

  • Advanced Search Settings – Implements a filtered dropdown list in the form of category, tags, color, or product size.

  • Edit Product Tables – Enables users to navigate the settings page and use the shortcode to embed it on a website’s site page.

  • You can create a product list view with modifiable columns using the drag and drop functionality.

  • Enables the user to create an order form for your WooCommerce website.

  • Implement additional columns to your product tables, including SKU, weight, dimensions, and stock.

  • You can easily switch to WooCommerce product catalog mode relatively ease.

Compatible Extensions

  • It is compatible with Wholesale for WooCommerce extension, allowing users to give your wholesalers discounts based on their user role. Using the bulk order form for WooCommerce, the wholesalers can perceive discounted pricing packages and profit from the product in a tabular view. It seems to be a perfect choice for wholesalers taking place on large order quantities per week, monthly, or annually.
  • The Wholesaler can also view the bulk order form.

  • Support Name Your Price extensions for WooCommerce allows users to suggest a specific pricing package of a product to your customers and relatively enforce a minimum acceptable pricing package, or leave it to the customer to choose a specific price at the two thresholds. With the bulk order form for WooCommerce, the customer can view the Name Your Price field instead of each product’s estimated price in a tabular view

  • The retailers can also view the bulk order form for WooCommerce.

Use Cases

In this digital world, WooCommerce platform has emerged to be the sole contender in real-world scenarios. Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce used in multiple application areas around the globe.

Here are some of the practical examples of the woocommerce bulk order:

    • Wholesale eCommerce – The regular B2B customers possibly know what they buy from your store, and they usually buy in bulk. These potential customers find it quite challenging to navigate the individual product pages, choose the size of quantities, and then check out.

Using a bulk order form, you can initially reduce the complex process and for everyone by providing them with an option to directly order from the form. The entire bulk order form results in streamlined buying exposure, improving conversions in a specific turn.

    • Office Suppliers – The best example is an office supplies store that sells office equipment and supplies. Potential Customers in these stores don’t need to switch their vendor regardless of any need.

These repetitive customers need a particular way to select, filter, insert, and check out directly from the bulk order form.

  • Pharmacy Stores – Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce can be the finest resource for distributing and tracking large quantities of pharmaceutical orders such as medicines, injections, and relevant pharmacy and clinical items.
  • Agriculture & Fertilization Corporates – This bulk order form for WooCommerce would be a first-rate asset for agriculture vendors to supply large quantities of agriculture products such as seed, crops, agrochemical plant nutrition items, and efficient irrigation materials.
  • Automotive Spare Parts – The automotive spare parts and car accessories stores can significantly benefit from the bulk order form for WooCommerce. People can order automotive spare parts and accessories in large quantities by inserting all the details in a bulk order form.

Wrapping UP!

If you’re selling only limited items, then scrolling through various product categories makes sense. However, if you’re selling products in large quantities or bulk, your clients are buying or regularly placing orders at your store. Bulk order form for WooCommerce is a must-have extension to increase conversions and improve the customer experience and usability metrics.

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